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Most of 5 Points Yoga Studio Classes are 75-90 minutes long unless otherwise noted on the class schedule.



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Class Descriptions

Align & Flow Yoga: A fun and challenging mix of vinyasa and alignment based yoga, this class is designed to cultivate focus, stamina, strength, and flexibility. Form & flow offers alignment direction within the flow of posture and breath. All levels welcome and modifications are always offered. Come prepared to work hard, sweat, and have a great time.

Alignment Yoga (Iyengar): With a focus on the mind/body connection and the subtleties of alignment, asana becomes a form of meditation. Props may be used for restorative and supported asanas or to learn the actions of a pose.

Flow Yoga: In Vinyasa, meaning “breath-synchronized movement,” the teacher guides you from one pose to the next, following your breath bringing an inner aliveness into your body, mind and spirit.

Gentle Flow: Is open to all levels of practice and abilities and is especially great for beginners or those searching for the therapeutic benefits of yoga. This soothing gentle practice focuses on moving slowly into basic yoga poses while using the breath as a tool to remain present and mindful. The slow pace of this of this class allows you to enjoy each pose. Expect lots of stretching and lengthening with a heavy dose of relaxation to wrap up your practice and leave you feeling great.

Hot Power Flow (2): Flow, with more athleticism and advanced postures. * Some yoga experience recommended. Room will be heated to around 85 to90 degrees. Come ready to work and sweat. Please bring a towel and water to class.

Iyengar (Alignment) Yoga: Developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, author of Light on Yoga, this approach is based on the traditional eight limbs of yoga and can be adapted to everyone, regardless of age or ability. Each class is different - some vigorous, some quiet - but all are thoughtfully sequenced with a focus on the mind/body connection through the subtleties of alignment and targeted actions. Improve your technique, and take your practice to a deeper level. Level II students should have at least 6 - 12 months of regular yoga practice.

Power Flow: In Vinyasa, meaning “breath-synchronized movement,” the teacher guides you from one pose to the next, following your breath bringing an inner aliveness into your body, mind and spirit. Power Flow Classes will be more athletic, requiring some stamina and also incorporating more advance postures with options.

Restorative Yoga: A deeply relaxing practice of supported poses, guided relaxation, yogic breathing, and an extended savasana (final resting pose). For any level student seeking to reduce the effects of stress.

Sunrise Flow: all levels class that begins with a light centering & gentle warm up stretches followed by postures that build strength and energy. Centered on breath, movement and sensation, you will leave feeling grounded and ready to tackle your day. Bring your own mug and choose from an assortment of teas as you head out the door.

Special Yoga Events and Workshops are independently priced and rated per class.
Read about yoga workshops and special yoga events at our Athens studio with renowned guest yoga instructors and certified 5 Points yoga teacher trainer practitioners.

Private and small group yoga classes are based on an hourly rate:
        ° $60/hour for individual
        ° $75/hour for 2 people
        ° $100/hour for private group— (3-5 people)

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